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 Rules in Tiffany's thread

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PostSubject: Rules in Tiffany's thread   Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:10 pm


01: General rules Here must be followed.

02: Tags are a must in Jessica's forum from now on.
This is to make the forum more organized and easier for everyone to find pics/news/mp3s of Jessica's.

Tags are used as followed:

1. [FANYISM] for discussion thread or compilation pictures with a specific topic
eg. [FANYISM] Tiffany's Eye Smile

2. [CAP] for screencapture(s) of any shows/mv's etc.
eg. [CAP] Tiffany - Star Golden Bell

3. [GIF] for gif moving image(s)
eg. [GIF] Tiffany - Star Golden Bell

4. [AUD] for Audio(s)
eg. [AUD] Tiffany - Bleeding Love on ShimShimtapa

5. [VID] for Video(s)
eg. [VID] Tiffany on Happy Together

6. [SWF] for SWF(s)
eg. [SWF] Tiffany - Hello Baby "Good Morning, sunshine!"

7. [MANIP] for fan made manipulated picture(s)

It is highly recommend to put the date of the show if you guys are posting any gifs, swfs, audio etc. of Tiffany.
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Rules in Tiffany's thread
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